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No justification for killing.

April 8, 2018

There is no human being who is totally bad. There is no human being who has no worth whatsoever. There is no human being who deserves unequivocally to be destroyed. There is no real justification for killing another. That action is often a mindless activity dictated by others, but that action does not define the person. What’s inside defines the person, and it is what is inside that is real beauty.

It may be difficult to do but consider at some point when you’re in a crowd with others, cast your eyes on a complete stranger and try to imagine, try to perceive at some level what is truly beautiful in that person. Is it the caring energy they indicate in the way they interact with others? Is it their compassion? Is it their gift to listen? Is it their gift to find joy in life? Is it their gift to demonstrate faith at a time of great need? What is it that makes a total stranger something that is beautiful? Relationships that are meaningful, that are lasting, that are truly significant can only be fulfilled in the recognition of that inner beauty, and it is this recognition that leads to reconciliation. It is this recognition that builds a foundation for a relationship of peace. It is this acknowledgment on your part that affirms the beauty of all that exists.

Living a life reflective of God is living a life that is without judgment of other human beings. Judging actions may be justified but not the value of the person.

No justification for killing.
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