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No language for God, only intention.

June 26, 2022

Allow yourself the opportunity to reflect, to listen, to simply be and not do and not control. That is not a life of weakness but a life of great strength, for being and listening are ultimately of greatest importance. You learn to love by listening to love. It is not words about love but listening to evidence of what being loving means.

Give yourself the chance to be, to listen. Give yourself the opportunity to reflect what you can learn, what you have learned, and what you are capable of learning about spirit, about others, about what it means to be truly a part of God. Then you will see that God exists, flourishes, affirms and uplifts and loves because of what you do. You are the hands and eyes, ears and mouth of God.

Listen to God. Speak as God, for the speaking referred to is the language of intention. There are no words. There is no language designation for God. There is only intention, and it is you who give power to that intention and give it direction and consequence.

No language for God, only intention.

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