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No loss of life, only change.

June 21, 2020

There are many who continue to experience the anguish of loss, loss of loved ones, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, even an awareness of the enormity of worldwide loss. It is difficult for those who feel they have lost so much to find an affirmation of the value of life. Such losses are a part of all life, for all life-forms transition from one kind of energy to another manifestation of energy. But in changing, while experienced as a loss by some, those who are released from human life do indeed become immediately aware of a greater life. There is no loss of life; there is change in life. The life that you know will change for all people, but life does continue, because the presence of God is the presence of life. With no real loss of life, there is no loss in the presence of God. You move from one community to another, but you are still alive. The community that loses you may experience sadness, but that sadness is merely offered in the spirit of love and the sense of the enormity of change. Life goes on because God is always present.

No loss of life, only change.
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