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No soul is lost.

July 9, 2017

No soul is lost, but ultimately the sense of self is lost within the Sea of Love. How one soul becomes a part of the Sea of Love will differ one from another. Some souls who join us are receptive to what they learn. Others are filled with resistance. For those who find the transition more smooth, the progress that continues to be made is steady and strong. But for some souls who are not ready or not able to understand the new beauty of their lives, they may be given an opportunity to experience other forms of life in order to prepare them for this phase of their spiritual existence. Some souls return to human life, and they flourish away from this plane of existence. They learn what they can learn at the speed that they learn it. There are no winners or losers; there are only finishers, and for those souls who feel they cannot continue on this plane, there are other opportunities that they are given so that ultimately they fully embrace the Light, so they fully embrace the brilliance that is nonjudgmental and all-encompassing Love, God’s Love.

No soul is lost. All paths lead to God. There is no path that leads to what many refer to as a hell or suspended life of nothingness. That cannot be because God creates all, and therefore God values all. There is nothing you can do to separate yourself from God. That also means there is nothing a soul can decide upon that separates itself from God.

No soul is lost.
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