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No souls lost.

March 20, 2016

The occurrence of suicide in no way separates those souls from God. When individuals take their own lives, those souls requires special care from us. The turmoil of earthly existence remains for a brief period after joining us.

Indeed, many souls who make the transition through natural processes find it difficult to believe that they are now part of a new life, for they see their friends, their family—they see life as they knew it. Their awareness of their new life can be gradual. Much depends upon the development of the soul.

When someone takes his or her own life, there is much surrounding the soul which needs to be gently peeled away, as it were, for the soul to recognize the brilliance of its new surroundings. But this can in no way be interpreted as ceasing to exist or ceasing to move forward. It is merely a process which has taken place in which all souls to one degree or another participate. For souls who have a greater understanding of the nature of their spiritual lives, the transition may be smoother, more easily made, but all souls ultimately move forward toward God. There is no soul which belonged to any human life which is eternally lost. You must have faith in this.

No souls lost.
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