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No thoughts are wasted.

November 6, 2016

When you wish to stop the suffering of others, thinking of others in a positive way has a direct benefit to them. No thoughts are wasted. No images of healing are wasted. No gestures of reaching out physically, spiritually, emotionally will be wasted. Thinking of others helps them.

You do not have to be consumed by activity in order to create love. The creation of love is through the exercise of intention. It is a conscious decision to do as you perceive God would do. Being the hand of God is welcoming, for the hand of God is outstretched and the palm is up. In that position, it can only support. It can only affirm. Your energy with palms extended upwards and outwards is an energy of healing. It is an energy of strength. It is a vehicle of opportunity that brings you to act with love.

No thoughts are wasted.
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