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Not alone in afterlife.

April 16, 2017

If there was something you experienced in your human life that would help express what is sacred within you, then your awareness of that is fulfilled in the afterlife. If you have a much loved pet, and you then transition to our life-form, and you miss that pet dearly, that pet will be such that you are again aware of it. Why? Because in your loving that animal, you were expressing a part of the gifts you had as a human being that belonged to the energy that is God, that energy being love.

You can love another animal. You can love another person. You can love a tree. You can love an animal that you know only something about but have never seen. You can love the ocean and its beauty. You can love the meaning of the ocean and its importance to your life yet never see the ocean. You love it nevertheless, and if you had a love for the ocean, and that is a means of expressing what God has given you, then as you join us, you will be aware of that which you love—the ocean, the trees, the plants, other animals, other life-forms.

Not alone in afterlife.
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