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Nothing more sacred.

December 18, 2016

Relationships strengthen and deepen through the embrace of love. You do not have to physically hug everyone you come in contact with. You can embrace them by consciously embracing the beauty of their lives, even when their actions, their thoughts may be contrary to yours. There is a grace to all human beings, and by acknowledging that grace, you are acknowledging the embrace as being a reflection of God.

You are sacred, but you are sacred in the way that all are sacred. No one is more sacred than another. Nothing that exists is more sacred. You are no more sacred than the stones beside a highway, for both are part of that same creation. When you look up into the sky at night and you see the stars, you share a common heritage. You share a common energy. You appear different, but you are not.

As you proceed in your relationships with others, embrace and rejoice!

Nothing more sacred.
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