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Open your soul’s vision to see goodness.

August 22, 2021

Creation depends upon the Creator, but without the creation there is no need for a Creator. God’s strength is because of your presence. God hears because you hear. When you respond to another’s needs, that is God’s listening transformed into action.

You are the hands, the heart, the eyes of God. You exist because God exists, but God thrives because you exist and grow and thrive. When you suffer, the strength that is God suffers. When you love unconditionally, it is God who is loving unconditionally.

God’s listening is your listening. God’s love to others is your love to others. God’s response to pleas for peace becomes your response to pleas for peace. When it is said, “May God’s peace be your peace,” that is not a simple statement, for it affirms the relationship that you have to the presence of God. If God acts, it is because you act. If God responds, it is because you respond.

You are part of God. There is no part of any human being that is in some way not a part of God. God sees because you see. God reveals because you reveal. God’s response to prayers becomes your response to prayers. If you wish to see more goodness in others, it is not God’s task to make others good. It is for you to open your soul’s vision to see the goodness that is there.

Open your soul’s vision to see goodness.
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