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Pain and sadness not God’s will.

September 30, 2018

Life is precious and affords you the opportunity to find meaning, meaning in everything. There is meaning in what brings joy and peace. There is meaning to be drawn from what creates conflict, pain or sadness. There is meaning to all that you experience, because what you experience belongs to the creation of God. It is not God’s purpose to create suffering or sadness, but suffering or sadness is encountered within creation, and therefore if not caused by God, it belongs to God.

Accept all that you encounter as belonging to God, and don’t waste your thoughts on whether something that creates pain or sadness is caused or willed by God, for that is not what God is. You are what God is. Those whom you see and know and know of and have no idea about are all God.

Live with an openness to what is beyond you and most especially what is within you, because in acknowledging what is within, you are acknowledging equally what is in every human that you encounter, what is in every object that exists. Embrace who you are, and embrace all others for who they really are.

Pain and sadness not God’s will.
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