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Pain provides vision.

October 9, 2016

Pain, in all of its forms and whatever its causes, is experienced in the physical self. There are many who say, “We grow through pain,” and to a degree there is truth in that belief, but suffering involves more than merely calling one to grow.

In terms of spiritual life, problems of the physical can only be viewed as temporary. Viewed in your own life, such pain may seem interminable, and herein lies another aspect or answer to “why pain,” for in experiencing pain of whatever kind, you are also reminded of the continual life of the soul. By descending to the depth of an abyss, you become more aware of the perspective of the sky. If you stand on a mountaintop and look upward on a clear day, the perspective is lacking. And so it is with the mortal experience of pain. You become aware of the indomitable potential of the spirit. There are also other reasons for suffering such as learning patience and strengthening your faith.

Pain provides vision.
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