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Peace begins with you.

July 17, 2016

Life is to be shared, to be given, to be offered through compassion as a sense of peace, a security, a sense of direction and focus. What you have to offer, therefore, indeed has much bearing on the lives of others. Peace in the world really does begin with the peace that you feel and therefore the peace that you offer. If you cannot feel peace from within, you will be incapable of giving others that gift.

It is essential, therefore, to seek out ways of identifying God's presence in your lives. That presence is not seen just in momentous events, but is more often witnessed in the smallest of gestures. It may be an expression on the face of another or in the eyes. It may be a touch. It may be just the presence of someone willing to be nonjudgmental, just being there. It may be the beauty of nature on the grandest scale and of the minutest detail. The evidence of God is all around you. You have only to open your eyes and take it in.

Peace begins with you.
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