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Peace in darkness and light.

January 28, 2010

Because of the presence of God, the truth is that positive energy is always more potent than anything that is negative. The desire to reach out to those in need is an energy far greater than any negative presence could provide.

Love is more powerful than hate. Joy is more powerful than sadness. Compassion is more powerful than jealousy. All that you do in service to others collectively throughout human life is far greater than all the suffering of humans around the world. It is not a negation of the suffering but an affirmation of compassionate love. When you provide help to another, the power of that help exceeds the negative energy of suffering, and what happens? It is the suffering that is ultimately alleviated. It is not the power of love that is diminished by the suffering. Light overcomes darkness; darkness never overcomes light. Peace is an acknowledgment of darkness and an affirmation of the indomitable strength of light. It is the light, it is the love, it is the lack of judgment toward others that wins the day, and it is precisely that energy that is a reflection of that very Creator of all.

When you experience sadness, think upon what brings joy. When you experience suffering, consider what creates beauty. When you see darkness, find the Source of light and allow it to enter your lives. The darkness that you see will be illuminated. The light can never be extinguished.

You must seek peace. It is the natural state of all. The balance that exists is a balance that must exist. Live your life in search of this balance. Live your life aware of all challenges but at the same time aware of the Source of light. It’s the peace that you seek which you will then confront, and you will be buoyed by the light, and the darkness will fall away.

Do not ignore what it is in life that you characterize as negative energy, but rather use those moments to look up, to seek, to pursue, and to believe. Faith is a seeking and believing in Light. Faith is an acknowledgment of the reality of peace and an acknowledgment of your capacity to find peace when surrounded by all that you may fear, by all that creates anger, by all that creates anxiety. Live your lives in faith, in the acknowledgment that the peace you seek is present, the peace you seek is now, the peace you seek is where you are.

Peace in darkness and light.
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