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Peace is nectar for spirit.

September 11, 2022

Experiencing peace is the nectar that nourishes the spirit. Your souls grow throughout your human lives, but the real nourishment comes from being surrounded by an overwhelming sense of peace. When you pray for healing, think peace. The word healing implies a balance, and from balance comes peace.

Pray, therefore, that all will experience peace, for love and the expressions of love are means of increasing the presence of peace. You cannot feel peaceful and threatened. You cannot feel peaceful while being anxious. You cannot be peaceful when angry. You cannot be peaceful when consumed by fear. Peace, the feeling of peace, the sense of balance, of rightness, is what nourishes the soul and creates great presence in human life. One never feels peace at all times, but you can increase the experience of peace for yourself and then for others.

Peace is nectar for spirit.

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