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Peace relates to priorities.

January 30, 1982

When you feel you are unable to find peace within your daily life, the problem is not with God but with your priorities. If you sense God’s presence no matter what, then you are assured that you have ordered your life in an appropriate manner, sympathetic with the vibrations of God’s presence.

There are many ways of governing your life, and for one person a certain priority system may be appropriate, but it may not be the best ordering for another. Nevertheless, focusing first of all on God can assure you that the basic priority, the sense of peace, will prevail.

By focusing on God, one may choose service to others as of greatest importance. Another may choose scriptural study. Another may choose to serve through teaching—teaching God’s word, teaching in a manner which reflects God’s presence. These are all varying responses, but they are focused, they are centered, they find their motivation from the burning desire to be at one spiritually with God. When you are unsure of balance, look to your feelings of peace as an indication of proper perspective.

Peace relates to priorities.
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