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People motivated by fear.

October 23, 2016

[On this date, November 13, 2015, in Paris, France, coordinated terrorist attacks killed 130 people and injured hundreds.]

You have expressed your concerns about all that seems out of control and seek an understanding of where you are in that continuum of apparent endless crises. First we can assure you, as you know, that light expands. Light is a kind of energy. Darkness as you experience it is not imbued with energy, but what is contained in the dark has a kind of energy, a kind of presence. The forest at night can be very dark, but life within that darkness is plentiful. There is lots of energy that is contained. The energy is not the energy of darkness but energy which is contained within it.

There is energy in light, and there is no energy in darkness. The darkness is the absence of energy, for darkness itself, the entity of darkness, has no energy, but the darkness contains within it elements that do have energy. The darkness is not only a darkness that is perceived by the senses but a darkness that exists that one can somehow feel deep within.

You know that fear is a product of experience, but fear also exists because of capabilities within the body that enable you to feel that fear. What it is you fear certainly is energy. Too often people are motivated by fear. They’re not motivated by darkness, the absence of light, but fear is a component, an entity in itself, that thrives in darkness. All that you are aware of that you consider to be negative energy hides, so to speak, within the darkness. All of that negative energy thrives when it is hidden, but it is important to remember that that negative energy cannot survive when fully illuminated in light.

People motivated by fear.
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