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Personality is governed by your soul.

January 28, 2024

Science is full of research data relating the intricacies of genes and chromosomes to the ultimate development of physical characteristics with implications abounding for their importance to the personality. These scientific findings are not incorrect, but they are incomplete. Your physical characteristics, in other words your appearance, is controlled by the elements so closely studied by scientists, but more than any other factor, your personality is governed by your soul.

As your soul develops, your personality is transformed. Your outlook is changed, your response to life around is altered. The genes and chromosomes that control so much of your development are constant and therefore cannot be credited with the responsibility for the formation of your personality. It is true that your environment affects your personality, for your environment colors your moods and your perceptions, but ultimately your soul is the dominant force.

You should be proud of your uniqueness. You have an opportunity to contribute to life in a way that cannot be duplicated by another. It is like a gigantic jigsaw puzzle. The puzzle is not complete without each piece being placed in its proper location.

Personality is governed by your soul.

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