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Physical, emotional, and spiritual illnesses.

July 16, 2023

As illness may be characterized as physical, emotional, or spiritual, so too, can healing be described. Physical illness is the least important of all illnesses. Emotional illness is afforded a more serious position, but spiritual illness occupies the position of greatest importance, for it is the spirit that is the permanent part of you. It is the spirit and its growth which is central to the direction, the purpose of your life.

An individual who suffers physically and emotionally but grows spiritually has a life of fulfillment. One who lives physically and mentally in good health at the expense of spiritual growth pursues a meaningless objective. Healing, then, can be viewed at all three levels. The one who suffers physically may find solace in the recognition that mentally and spiritually growth is being achieved. One who suffers physically and emotionally may find peace in the recognition that there is spiritual growth. When growth of the soul proceeds forward, the impact of physical and emotional misfortune is diminished.

Physical, emotional, and spiritual illnesses.

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