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Positive and negative energy.

June 9, 2019

Love ultimately is energy. Love is a force. It cannot be seen, drawn, or measured in any finite way, but you know the power of love. You have experienced what it means to be loving. It is a force, an energy, of which you are a part. You do not initiate that energy, but you carry it with you. You carry both positive and negative energy. The positive energy is permanent. The negative energy comes from the self. It is not a part of the soul; it does not belong to the spirit. The negative energy is created through your own actions. You can take the energy within your body and redirect it. If there is negative energy being created in the body, you can learn to use that energy as a positive force in the world. Just as your life is meant to be positive, the energy that belongs to your life is also intended to be positive.

Positive and negative energy.
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