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Positive role of suffering.

January 17, 2021

If you want to know of God’s presence in a very personal way, consider your awareness of the light within now as opposed to past experiences. God is a strength that is known now. It is a strength that is seen especially when there are events that you experience that may bring into question the very existence of a loving God.

A light is strongest in the darkness. Its presence becomes very evident when all around, one experiences the dark. It is not God’s will that such suffering, pain, and loss is occurring, but it is God’s will that all human beings have the true strength to open that inner awareness and draw upon it, and in doing so, you become more conscious of that sacred presence. It is not true that you must suffer in order to know God, but it is true that your understanding of that presence can be heightened, strengthened, and illuminated when surrounded by darkness.

Positive role of suffering.
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