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Pray for a sense of belonging.

November 14, 2021

When you pray for God’s light to shine upon another, that prayer is symbolic of what you are really praying for. You are wanting the spirit inside an individual to become connected in an intense and beneficial way to the light that is already present. If you seek love, you will find it, for it is all around you. If you don’t seek love, the love is still all around you. When you pray for balance, you are praying the shutters are open, the light is in, and you are warmed by the light. In that warmth, you can embrace those who also seek that warmth, that light.

You are as much a giver of light as a receiver of light. Pray for that connection, pray for that sense that you belong to all that is, far beyond just belonging to all that is known. There is a big difference.

Pray for a sense of belonging.
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