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Pray for the soul of another.

January 15, 2023

The best support you can offer anyone is to listen. If an individual asks for advice, then it can be given, but sometimes individuals do not ask for advice, not because they don't want it, but because they are just testing out their own position. It is not a firmly held position that needs to be responded to. Listen first and completely, for that implies and communicates to another an acceptance, not an agreement or a disagreement with another's views, but an acceptance of them as they have their views. Beyond listening can come more active participation, but that participation must be asked for.

An individual is ready to be helped only when there is a felt need for such help. You may help through the quiet presence of prayer, even when it is not asked for, but the active help of direct participation in the life of another is only really effective when it has been requested. That request does not have to be spoken in particular phrases. It can be expressed in so many ways, but if the cry for help is evident, however it is expressed, then you are in position to be directly, visibly helpful. Until such time as help is requested, the help that you offer to show support beyond listening is the help of prayer.

No one will resist the help of prayer. The prayer may not be verbal or offered on the spot. It may only be offered at a later time and another place, but that prayer is always effective. Praying for the soul of another is extremely effective in offering support, for the other soul is strengthened and affirmed, and the individual will consequently benefit, even without a full understanding of the source.

Pray for the soul of another.

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