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Pray for those who harm.

February 18, 2024

Relationships are part of why you are given the life you have. Relationships are the basis for learning to express yourself in a loving manner that reflects your current understanding of God. Human beings will never be totally at peace, but human beings can find more common grounds, more opportunities to acknowledge what unites with less tendency to be dominated by the differences. In order for this to happen, you must continue in your efforts to be understanding, to be loving through affirmation of value, yet allowing yourself the ability to disagree. Recognizing what you share is not being blind to where your paths may cross one another. You are only asked to give honor and recognition to the individual as a spirit being on a path.

Stand up for what you believe. Be willing to be counted in your beliefs. Be open to the changes in priorities. Be open to the changes in what you feel to be spiritually motivated. Seek common grounds that unite you with each person with whom you may be in disagreement. Pray for the spirit of the one who creates pain. Pray for the culture that inflicts harm. Pray for all those who you feel are barriers to the expression of God’s love as you experience and understand it.

Pray for those who harm.

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