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Pray for your enemies.

August 20, 2002

If you pray for another, you are incapable of killing another. Prayer is the connection to be sought. It is through that prayer that action is directed, that vision of the present is ultimately achieved. Be guided by your acknowledgment of community, and let that recognition of your community help you identify the needs that result in the hand of God acting among the people of the world.

You can make a difference. Your prayers for those who make decisions affecting peace are helpful. They do make a difference. They are necessary. The act of praying for those objectives strengthens your own soul and affirms and assures the response of God to those needs that have been voiced, that have been expressed, that have been felt in prayerful manner. Continue to pray. Continue to pray for vision, your vision and the vision of community. Pray for the process of vision, for it is a process. It is not a spontaneous product.

Pray for your enemies.
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