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Pray lovingly for another.

August 28, 2016

Hold the one for whom you pray in a light that is characterized with health, with joy, with strength, with optimism, and above all with absolute love. That is the greatest gift you can provide anyone—a nurturing nonjudgmental presence.

Everyone travels through life experiencing self-doubt, fear, anxiety, and wondering about the future. That is an important experience to pass through. It is indeed the refiner’s fire through which the soul is strengthened, given character, given meaning, given shape. It is a process that all must experience for spiritual growth, which means eternal growth. Human life provides that opportunity in a way that is not possible elsewhere. It is why you are given human life. You must embrace it, you must welcome it, and you must value it for all that it provides—that which gives great joy as well as whatever brings concern.

Pray lovingly for another.
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