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Prayer increases sensitivity to God.

January 31, 2021

Prayer is influential beyond the activities of human beings. There is a power, a conscience extending beyond the collective power and conscience of humankind. Prayer has the power to heal, but you must not make the leap of logic which asserts that if you pray for healing, healing automatically takes place. That is very difficult for humans to handle, for you tend to pray to right what you feel to be wrong, whether it is matters of health, personal relationships, global relationships, or whatever.

The purpose of prayer is to increase the sensitivity of another or others to God`s presence. When one feels an intense closeness with God, one can achieve true peace, can experience unconditional love, and one is more receptive to the healing powers of God. But when God heals, the healing takes many forms. One can be full of anger and say, "Why that person?" One can also be consumed by the unanswerable question, "Why me?" That agony, that bitterness, colors how one perceives life. The difficulties that result from such anger are in themselves illnesses.

Prayer increases sensitivity to God.
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