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Prayer strengthens light sent and received.

July 10, 2022

When you turn to God and pray with strength and simplicity, God hears your prayer. That light is emitted whether you pray aloud or silently. When you speak of matters which are contrary to God’s wish and God’s teaching, the light draws dimmer. The same occurs when you think thoughts contrary to God. Your light reflects your speech and your quiet communion. God recognizes both.

When you pray for another, your light becomes stronger, and it will reach the one for whom you pray. That person’s soul will perceive the warmth and brilliance of your light and will reflect it. That reflection is emitted in all directions and in turn brightens and warms the souls of others. You cannot know the full effects of the light which you emit. When you join another spiritually, you send out a brighter light, greater intensity, and greater warmth.

Prayer strengthens light sent and received.

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