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Prayers for another are requests for openness.

May 19, 2008

The loving energy that is God is always present, but for you to benefit by that presence you must be open. When you pray for another, regardless of how that prayer is voiced, you are really praying for openness. If you pray that another is open, that individual will be open, for your energy, your aura, immediately goes to the one for whom you pray and the impact is immediate. Even when you are not directly aware of any good having come from that prayer, it has made an impact. It has made a difference. It has strengthened and affirmed another. You are not imploring God into action. You are merely opening another to the presence of God that is already there. Energy, prayers, openness all belong to the human experience.

When you are frustrated or fearful or angry, accept those moments. You are not expected to live without experiencing that. Allow yourself to be discouraged or fearful, and then take that discouragement, take that fear and use it as a motivation to be open to God’s light and the heavenly energy that you seek, and you will always be fulfilled.

You are blessed as you are fulfilled. You are blessed in your tears and in your laughter. Life is good because life is always accompanied by light.

Prayers for another are requests for openness.
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