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Praying for health is praying for balance.

July 11, 2021

You pray for health, and you ask God to make you or someone else fully healthy, but what happens is not that God says in effect, “Okay, I’ve been asked to make this person or these people healthy, and so I’ll do it.” That’s a human response. That’s not God’s response. So you might ask why pray for health if God is not going to jump into action and bring about that health. The purpose of that prayer is actually to understand more fully and to see more clearly the presence of the energy and its impact on your responses to issues of health and to the responses of others to the issue of health concerns.

God does not come down from heaven and decide health will prevail, but praying for health is praying for balance. It is in effect committing your own energies to do what can be done to bring about the health that is sought. That issue of bringing about good health is actually a recognition of what it means to be healthy and how that health is defined. Is it defined as you wish it to be defined, or is it defined as determining what is in keeping with the creative forces and energies that belong to all that exists?

In praying, you are connecting to the presence. You are not engaging the presence. You may ask for the engagement, for God to step in and rescue, but in actuality you are enabling yourself to become part of that creative force, that creative energy.

Praying for health is praying for balance.
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