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Praying for peace affects you

June 27, 2021

Peace in the real sense is acknowledging that there is a balance even when you do not see it. That balance, that sense of equilibrium of life, is the presence of God. It is God that is the balance, not your will to overcome one issue no matter what.

The effect of this recognition of balance, of the sense that life does have purpose, that you are not to remain in the situation you may find yourself, is a way of achieving a real inner peace. Real peace is not the absence of conflict, for when there is conflict, the perceived absence of peace creates chaos—chaos of spirit, chaos of action.

Praying for peace, therefore, is not imploring God to suddenly be present. Praying for peace, even if expressed as a supplication, is in fact activating your own wider vision and deeper understanding. When you ask God to be present, you are asking for your own keener vision, and it is that vision that allows you to experience inner peace

Praying for peace affects you
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