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Praying for peace.

March 10, 2024

The reality of God’s response is one of broad application. When you pray for peace, there are many ways of defining that peace. You may feel that as you define peace, the God response may seem very quiet, and you may feel God responds to another set of wishes rather than yours. The truth is your wishes, your prayers, your intentional thoughts are being responded to equally, but it is up to you to grow in your perception of that response.

It is easier to see God’s presence when in the company of others who seek that same evidence. If you work for peace, surround yourself with those who share a similar sense of peace. If you pray for peace, regardless of the words, you pray for a sense of justice, balance, fairness, and mutual dignity. Some who pray for peace are not quite ready to accept mutual dignity but rather define peace as the absence of tension. The absence of tension is not a reflection of God’s objectives. It may be part of the whole, but it is not the entirety.

Praying for peace.

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