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Pride separates from all.

May 3, 2020

Human beings are surrounded by pride, but it is at times like this that you learn the reality that the pride you wish to preserve is a wall that separates you from all that is. As you experience the support of love and presence through prayer of others, the reality of pride will feel diminished, and those walls of separation that keep you from a fuller embrace of all that is will tumble and come crashing down.

You have within you greater strength than you imagine. It is a strength that allows you to be vulnerable, that allows you to express the agonies you feel. It allows you to be more open to the expression of the agony and loss that others will share. As you identify yourself more closely with all humanity rather than your own personal identity, you will see yourself in a truer light of belonging to this enormous creation with all its complexities. You will understand even more deeply how you are connected, the important place you have in the lives of others, and the important place that others can have in your life.

Pride separates from all.
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