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Quiet prayer.

October 24, 2021

The concerns for which you pray are clear to you, and those prayers are offered along with an anticipation of how the response to those prayers will be identified. Prayers are not a way of encouraging God to act. They are merely ways of opening you to God’s presence. The manifestation of those responses, the manifestation of God’s presence, will vary from person to person and may or may not take the form which you specifically anticipate.

There is no proper way to pray. One of the most effective ways is to just be quiet and know that God Is without the need to craft words to explain what your needs are. By praying, you are being vulnerable. By praying, you are allowing yourself to be receptive, not putting conditions on that receptivity, not applying standards of what help must be, but merely being open, merely allowing yourself to be vulnerable, to be receptive. That help, the responses that you hope for, will then be recognized, not so much by specifics that you anticipate but by an affirmation that in some way what you pray for is indeed a reality.

Quiet prayer.
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