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Randomness is not the purpose of life.

August 20, 2023

You may choose to be defeated by a setback or encounter, or you may choose to provide your life with the continuation of progress. The natural tendency is to continue, and yet it is surprising how many choose to reject that progress and rather become entwined in the complications of the moment.

The specifics of your life are not predetermined, but the potential for the development of your human existence is. There are acts of nature having an impact on your life which in themselves are not predetermined, and yet if you are the victim of a natural disaster, your life brought you to the position wherein the disaster had an effect, had an encounter with you. Your guides and God do not cause misfortune to cross your life, but they lead your life in directions which may lead to such adversity. You are not prevented from such encounters, for it is in experiencing them that you grow. It is most important simply to recognize that your life and the direction your life takes are the direct result of the spirituality of your existence.

There are events which happen by chance, and yet life is not to be considered an endless series of random events. Randomness is a part of life as seasoning is a part of cooking. It helps in adding character, but it is not the main purpose. You should not be overly concerned about randomness in life except that it exists, but do not dwell on its importance for it is ultimately unimportant. What matters is how you live your life. It is not what happens by chance.

Randomness is not the purpose of life.

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