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Reason for human form.

March 29, 2004

You are spirit, as is every human being. What you see with your senses is but a kind of window dressing that gives you an opportunity to identify one another, but you are given human form so that you may ultimately feel an identification with all human beings, regardless of race or belief, regardless of age, place within society, regardless of whether male or female. Your human bodies present and represent superficial differences. It is all too often that human life focuses on such differences without full acknowledgment of how you are all united.

It is one thing to acknowledge in principle that unity, and something very different when you must live your life so that those differences that you observe fall away and become meaningless. There are differences in behavior, differences in customs, ways of living, differences in goals and ambitions, but all of that remains just decoration, trappings of what is most important.

For you to fully embrace the spiritual reality that unites everyone, you must first fully embrace your own spirituality. That is a tall order considering that your life is dominated, understandably so, with the needs that are presented daily, with little reminder of what is really eternal, what is permanent. Despite the challenges, you must draw closer to your own spiritual core, your spiritual being.

Reason for human form.
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