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Recognize commonality with all things.

April 22, 2022

You come from love and to love you will return. You began as all love, and you cycle through the experience of becoming loving and then returning to being all love. The source of all is the same, and it is that source that has no beginning, that has no end. It is that source that you cannot fully define and draw a kind of circle around it and say, “This is what God is,” because as soon as you identify “this” as being God, you’re also implying “that” is not God. The reality is all is God, for all forms of energy have the same source. They all come from that source, and all forms of energy return to that source.

The oceans evaporate into the air, and that moisture falls and returns to nourish the earth in a different form, and that nourishment ultimately returns to its source transformed with different meaning, with different characteristics, but it still is from that source. You are urged to recognize the commonality that you share with everything that you are aware of, all human beings, all forms of life, all items that may not seem to have life and yet they do. You are not separated from the stones on the ground. You are not separated from the rain that falls. You are not separated from the fields that nourish the body. You are not separated from the air that you breathe. You are not separated from the stars in the heavens. You are all the same entity. You all belong to the same creation. You may appear differently. You may have different purposes in life, different functions, but you are indeed all coming from the same source and therefore belong to that unity.

Recognize commonality with all things.

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