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Recognize the sacredness of others.

December 3, 2023

You are blessed as you grow in your capacity to be present. Be present to the needs of others. Be present to your own needs. Recognizing the sacredness of others is a reflection of the recognition of your own sacredness.

Being present for the needs of others is possible when you are fully present for your own needs. It is in God’s presence that your own needs become clearer and become fulfilled. Be grateful for the opportunities you experience when you sense God’s presence in your own life and grow in your awareness of God’s presence in your life becoming your presence in the lives of others. The continuity of presence is clear and uninterrupted and is illuminated in response to the vision of heart.

Be blessed in your understandings. Be blessed in your times of being present. Be blessed in those moments when you are fully aware of the presence of God.

Recognize the sacredness of others.

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