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Reflect God by finding connection.

August 1, 2021

It is never easy to turn to those for whom you feel animosity and find something that you can identify with as belonging to you. You don’t reflect God by telling another how to behave or what to think. You reflect God when you can find the common thread that connects you. That thread then becomes the first thread of the tapestry that ultimately produces a love that is totally nonjudgmental.

Nonjudgmental loves does not mean approving all that everyone does or says or believes. Nonjudgmental love, rather, is the recognition of how you and another are the same. These connections between individuals create enormous difficulty to discover, and yet it is precisely these threads which find a pathway that unites your journey and the journey of another. Your paths and their paths are different. They are located, so to speak, in a different place on the surface of the spiritual globe, but all paths, regardless of where they are located, are being pulled constantly toward the center, toward that spot where all of you are truly one. Allow the changes of Now to bring with them a greater awareness of self and a greater recognition of what truly you see in another that you also identify in yourself.

Reflect God by finding connection.
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