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Relationships provide growth of spirit.

May 25, 2005

It is the realm of relationships that provides the richest soil for the growth of spirits. For essential growth to be achieved, the soul learns to reach out and embrace all of creation. You therefore relate to human beings and to the natural environment around you. Your relationships with other people is where your connection to creation is most evident, but you are asked to relate to creation beyond human beings.

You are aware of the beauty that surrounds you, and to a degree, you are aware of a connection to that environment. Seldom, however, do people find a connection that is personal and connected to creation beyond other beings.

You are given life not only because of your connection to human beings. It is essential to your spiritual growth to support your connection to the creation about you. The way you connect has great bearing on the spiritual progress that is the intention of the God Center, the Creator of all.

Relationships provide growth of spirit.
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