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Religions and spirit/Spirit.

March 26, 2017

So often in your society you choose to identify spirit only in religious terms. Religions need a sense of spirit to survive. That’s what gives them an identity, but Spirit with a capital S does not need religion to survive. It includes religious experiences and those connections that are labeled as sacred, but it doesn’t require them to be acknowledged by you in order to find growth in the significant ways that you evolve.

The religious experience is an intensely personal experience, and it is entirely valid. It is entirely worth pursuit for many. The sense of connection that comes out of the religious association with others can be extraordinarily empowering, strength-giving, fulfilling, and refreshing, and for many it is through their religious experience that they gain a glimpse of what spirituality truly means.

There is no thread, no filament, which is crucial for everyone to embrace. There’re only the connections that you feel personally that bring you closer to What Is. It’s that connection that is fundamental to the pursuit of all human beings. Some understand that. Some understand that within one human life. Some understand that through numerous human lives. Some understand that without human life. But ultimately it is that understanding that is the final fulfillment of being one with All That Is. When you seek balance in your lives, when you seek balance in the lives of others, you are actually seeking those filaments, those threads, which give meaning and significance to your own life and to the reality that you experience in human form.

Religions and spirit/Spirit.
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