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Religions should pose questions.

July 2, 2023

Religious thought that is of highest value poses questions but does not provide answers, for the answers that are necessary are the answers that are appropriate for each person. There are not answers that are appropriate for all people at one time. Religious thought asks and asks and then asks again. Religion which does not ask and only answers becomes doctrinal, and for you and all human beings, understanding why you exist is gained by the asking, is gained by the openness to ask, to explore, not by simple concise answers.

The grounds for dissatisfaction with Religion with a capital R are dissatisfaction with specific beliefs but never dissatisfaction with the questions that are posed. When you ask a question that is the same as a question posed by your neighbor, and you are open to God’s response, the response to your neighbor, the insight that your neighbor achieves, is not necessarily the same as what you gain. Insight and understanding are individually tailored to the needs of each soul. The way to unite is through a willingness, a commitment that is shared, to ask the same questions.

Religions should pose questions.

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