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Religious sects are of human origin.

January 6, 2019

You should seek more peace, peace in your life and peace on earth. The peace within your life is viewed through your awareness of God’s acts and presence, but peace on earth is achieved in the same manner. It is not important which doctrine or religious sect appears to be moving in the proper direction, for these sects are of human origin. For a greater peace to be achieved, there must be a greater evidence of God’s presence in the affairs of the world.

God’s presence is there. God’s presence is with each one individually and as a nation. God is with all humanity, but it is you as an individual who have the responsibility for reflecting that presence. God has stated before that human life is essential for God’s work to be successful on earth. God does not achieve peace in a vacuum. God achieves peace only when people achieve peace.

Peace and war are made by people, not solely by God. God is the great influence for peace but is never the source of war. For real military and spiritual peace to be achieved and human dignity to be maintained, it is up to you to serve in a way which gives evidence of God’s presence. For one individual to be directly given a vision of God’s presence, it is best done through the reflection of another.

Religious sects are of human origin.
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