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Remove ego, heal relationships.

March 3, 2019

All human beings have experienced true beauty at some point in their lives. It may be beauty found in nature or in the logic of science. It may be beauty at the gaze of another. It may be the beauty of colors and shapes. It may be the beauty of relationships or the beauty of insight. But healing at its most essential and fundamental level is really a recognition of beauty, some kind and some manifestation of what gives joy and what ultimately encourages through humility.

When you are in the presence of great beauty, you can be moved to humility, for in the presence of that beauty, you recognize the ultimate insignificance of self. In a diminishing of self comes the affirmation of all else. When you remove ego, you become more receptive to the beauty that is inherent in the presence of others. Acknowledging that beauty, one experiences a healing of relationships.

When there is tension in relationships, there is always a dominance of ego. There is the dominance of the sense of “I”—I believe, I need, I wish, I expect, I insist, I know, I’m right, I am stronger, I am fully aware of what is right. All of these “I” statements create blockages in the creation of meaningful relationships.

When you find yourself in strong disagreement with another, stop for a moment and contemplate what is beautiful in the other person. By asking what is beautiful, you are not asking what is seen but what is felt. To understand beauty, you must understand what it means to feel the goodness of another person. By concentrating your energies on what is beautiful—the inner beauty, the dignity, the value of someone—you diffuse the barriers to relationships and healing takes place.

Remove ego, heal relationships.
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