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Respond to hatred with love.

March 15, 2020

You evolve because of what you experience. You grow through what is positive, but you also grow as you confront challenges of pain and concern. That growth is undeniable, and it is a result of that growth that your spirit flourishes and is nurtured. God’s presence is felt not only in what happens, but even more importantly by how you respond. When you are met with hatred and you respond with love, such response strengthens the spirit. But if you respond to hatred with hatred, then that response does not nurture the spirit, for no hatred becomes the manifestation of love, and therefore no hatred is an expression of spirit.

You can always respond with patience. You may be aggravated or angered, and that is part of being human, but you can also choose to step back and remind yourself that it is best for all to change your response to one that reflects your awareness of the spirit within and the Spirit beyond.

Respond to hatred with love.
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