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Sacred space is a trio of sorts.

January 14, 2024

Sacred space is where God’s embrace envelopes both sides, both the loving caregiver and the one who is most vulnerable. It is a trio of sorts, for God’s presence would have no meaning without there being a giving and receiving of love. God would be merely some concept located in a place less than abstract but certainly not concrete in understanding. It is in being part of this sacred space that you see God’s presence.

When you reach out to others to offer strength, to offer comfort, to offer a loving hand, a loving heart, you can feel God’s presence. When you are in need of that recognition of God, the presence can be more difficult to perceive, for one can feel in some way spiritually as well as personally abandoned, alone. But it is in those moments of exchange, of giving love and receiving love, that God’s presence becomes especially evident. In this sacred space, there is not mystery. There is blessing.

Sacred space is a trio of sorts.

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