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Seek balance with another.

September 19, 2021

If you seek balance in your human endeavors, then find ways of seeking balance with one other person. In so doing, you affirm the humanity, the value, the sacredness of all in your connections to one.

Human life is, in its most fundamental view, life that is connected to others. Human life is not intended to be experienced alone. Even for those whose lives are physically alone by choice, by belief, by necessity, those individuals are impacted by, and impact themselves, upon the lives of others. As human beings you cannot live on a virtual island. No matter your condition, no matter the difficulty of your own physical surroundings, no matter the difficulty of emotional pressures, you are not alone.

You are never separated from God’s love, but that means a reality beyond just your relationship to the Spirit Center, because if you are never separated from God’s love, and God’s love actually belongs to all that is, then you can say with total truthfulness that you are never separated from all that is. That being the case, you are never totally alone.

Seek balance with another.
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