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Seek your center.

May 18, 2004

As you connect to your spiritual center, your way forward will always be clear. You must take the sense of selfishness, the sense of self-worth, self-importance, self-determination, away from your inward journey to the spiritual center. Everyone is different. Each soul has different lessons to learn. Each soul is on a journey, and as you pray for vision to find your inner spiritual self, you are stripping away that sense of self in a physical, emotional way, and allowing yourself a vision of Self that is Spirit. It is that sense of Spirit-Self that is all-empowering, that is unifying, and that provides you with a conscious direction through your human life.

Seek the center and you will see the path.
Seek the center and you will see God in everything that surrounds you.
Seek the center and you will never know fear.
Seek the center and you’ll know what nonjudgmental, freely-given love for all of creation really is.

If there is a secret to life, it is seeking your center. It is a journey that is not accomplished immediately. It is a journey that is not easy, but in traveling that road to the center, your path is illuminated by your connection to God. Your vision is broadened. You are given peace. You are given a sense of purpose, and life becomes relevant, vibrant, and you are fully aware of your interdependence with all that is created.

Seek your center.
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