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Selfishness denies spirit.

May 18, 2004

If you hold a bowl of water in your hand and you walk with that full bowl, the water is in motion together. The entire content moves. The entire content is dependent upon all elements. There is no section of that water that moves independently from another.

It is exactly this way that you can perceive your interdependence with all of humanity. When there is injustice somewhere in the world, that injustice, that suffering, does not take place in a vacuum. It resonates everywhere. When there is hunger, all human beings share, at some level spiritually, that hunger. You are all connected just as the individual molecules are connected in that bowl. When one molecule moves, all move. There is nothing in your life that you can experience that is completely separate from the totality of the One Spirit. You all belong to that One Spirit, and therefore you are all interdependent.

There are plenty who choose to ignore that shared relationship, but that relationship is nevertheless firm. That relationship is not always a conscious one, but it exists at the level of spirit that each shares with all others. As your awareness of your own spirituality grows and deepens, you become more keenly aware of your connectedness to all other human beings.

An individual whose behavior is characterized as selfish is not centered on an awareness of spirit. Selfishness, in whatever manifestation it may be seen, is ultimately a denial of spirit. If you are committed to the reality of your own spirit, your soul, there is no possibility of thinking that you are in some manner separate from another. As a result, the actions of selfishness, of self-centeredness, of self-absorption have absolutely no relevance, no meaning in your life.

You are a part of all that has been created: All That Is. That totality of All That Is extends beyond your earth. It extends beyond the universe as you know it to be. It extends beyond your concept of what is real. It extends beyond all that is concrete and tangible. Creation and its reality exist at a level far beyond human understanding. Although the sciences broaden the view of human beings, there is no science that provides a view of the totality. There is no possible avenue for human beings to relate to that totality of creation. And that is not your objective. That is not why you experience human life. You experience life to learn as you can learn.

Selfishness denies spirit.
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