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Serve and love others/God.

October 2, 2016

It is essential to recognize the function that you have in life serving as a hand of God. You may choose at any moment to reach forward, offering help, support, love by whatever means you wish to call it, or you may choose to hold back and wait, preferring rather to be passive. As God is never passive, you must also never be, for you must be a reflection of God's presence.

When you reach out in service to another, you are really serving God as well, for it is not just you who are the hand of God, but all others are the heart of God. When you serve another, you serve God. When you love another, you are loving God. You cannot devote your efforts towards the service of God by rejecting another human being, for you cannot separate that human being from God since all humans are in part divine.

Serve and love others/God.
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