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Serve by your presence.

February 24, 2019

When you reach out to another, even when you fear there is no chance that the other may be fully aware of that reaching out, you are enhancing, strengthening, comforting, and warming. You are by your presence loving, and that love is always recognized.

Life is filled with the contrast of giving and receiving, filled with the contrast of guilt and humility. Give always with humility; receive always with humility. Be humble to those you love. Be humble to those who express their love to you, and always interact with that humility, that grace, that peace. It is not natural to accept when you have been learning all your life to give, to be in control, but you are required ultimately in spirit to live your life selflessly, to live your life vulnerably, and when you can to live your life lovingly.

When the cup is filled, allow others to be nourished. Don’t feel you must nourish another, but allow yourself to be present for that nourishment to take place. Merely your presence allows for God’s nourishment. When serving others, it is often most helpful to just sit and be, sit and listen, sit and watch. You offer nothing but your presence, and your presence is the most loving of acts, for you expect nothing in return.

Serve by your presence.
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